Sprites Complete and Advice from Develop Conference

Sprites Complete And Advice From Develop Conference

Posted on 14th Jul 2014 by Ryan

All of the main in-game sprites are complete, which is a big milestone for the game. I'm sure some extras will crop up from time-to-time during their implementation into the game itself but at least 95% are completed!

I showed They Are Everywhere off to some fellow indies whilst I was at Develop Conference and it proved quite valuable.
There were some issues regarding tutorials on using the controls which I figured would be a little issue I'll have to solve. Most Likely with an intro message for the first 5-10 seconds, displaying each buttons function and usage. Some players instantly noticed the joystick, others didn't and had a fumble with the screen which still works as a virtual joystick, just obscuring the viewport more.

Everyone enjoyed playing it, most got through Level 1 on their first try and a few agreed with me that the first level was a little too long, soo I'm going to halve the length of it. It feels too long and has done for a while to me. Hearing others opinions confirmed it, which is good!

I got lots of advice whilst inside the Expo about accessibility. Which has led me to deciding on adding a first -time set-up, possibly with on-screen dip-switches to retain the games visual theming.

I'm going to run with the level designs going from easier levels, upping in difficulty to each boss, then retreating back down the difficulty curve, effectively restarting a new batch of 5 levels, with different enemy patterns which will hopefully result in different play styles being suited in different levels across the game.

Again a few indies mentioned that you have to play quite defensively through the beginner stages, which makes me wander about auto-upgrading each ship through the game to provide more feedback on players progress. Mostly this will be through weapon enhancements to change the play style from defensive to aggressive over the course of the game. Enemies will need to be balanced accordingly, which will be fun!

I'm planning on ending the game with a boss rush, followed by the final boss for the finale. Nothing new there, but it should prove to make some epic conclusions to the game, hopefully!

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