More Features Added!

More Features Added!

Posted on 5th Aug 2014 by Ryan

Yay, more features are now in place and the game is shaping up a bit further now with:

Easy Mode

Easy mode has fewer enemies, easier boss fights with a bit less going on the screen at one time and is available in both arcade and practice modes. The only disadvantage with easy mode is that your score will not be recorded on the global rankings. But you still get a better chance to see the games endings!

Selectable Game Speed

Finally implemented the feature into the game, huzzah! Players can choose between 50% to 250% game speed. So if you want it even tougher, crank that speed up!

Upon completion of the game a speed bonus will be applied based on the players total game time (Not including pauses) which should makethe scoreboards more interesting!

Practice Mode

This mode allows the player to play any single level they have visited in the game and just that level.

Want to practice against that boss that beat you without going through 25 stages again? Sure, you can do that, even put it back to easy mode if you want to practice even more casually.

Again speed is customisable on this game mode.

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