Finding Time is Tough

Finding Time Is Tough

Posted on 31st Aug 2014 by Ryan

Soooo, it's been 13...13 Days since I posted an update, an in that time I've managed to garner a whole 4 hours of coding time. Eurghh, very frustrating for me when I really want to be cracking on with this game I can assure you.

Still, I managed to get 4 hours in on Saturday which resulted in 2 new bosses being made and finished off, complete with some handy playtesting courtesy of @OhCarson. Follow him on twitter, because you should, that's why!

The Game Endings have ben storyboarded up, planned out some unlocks for fulfilling certain conditions, e.g. number of achieves, beating the game, etc.

Planning on adding a level timer for speedrunning the game, on a per stage and per completed game basis. But I think that's the extent of the scope fairly maxed out now, ohhh. except for one thing. iCade support!

But, after that I think that's going to be it for the initial release. this retro shmup has turned out to be a large project for me to handle, I'm extremely lucky to have been in touch with amazing audio people in the form of AJ @ForteSounds, his audio work has really helped to bring the game out of itself, and I hope it does him proud as much as it does me :)

I'm hoping to Launch on October the 19th this year, I think I'm around 100 hours away before I can happily submit this game to app stores, etc. So I need this little ball of baby cuteness to sleep well in order to accomplish that!

I'm surprised it's taken so long to get to this point, but then I only moonlight as a game dev. If I was doing this for 8 hours a day this game would have been done months ago. But, would it be the same game? Probably not. Whilst I often regret that it's taking so long to get this game completed, the fact that I'm essentially a hobbiest game-dev gives me that one luxury of time to meander through the game design and I'm glad when I hear feedback regarding difficulty curves, etc working well. I still would like to bosh out a game a week / fortnight / month even. But with a tiny, awake baby on my lap most nights, it's simply not possible for me to concentrate on the code.

Once her sleeping patterns down though, I may have a bit of a blitz over here ;P

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