Main Game Nearly Complete!

Main Game Nearly Complete!

Posted on 12th Sep 2014 by Ryan

I'd like to say it is complete, but I'm sure beta testing will point out some issues, however, all 26 levels are built, bosses are set-up and ready, fixed a couple of frame rate issues in one area and jiggled the difficulties around, it's still a tough as nails game to beat but I have beaten each level seperately without losing a life, linking it all up together is a far tougher challenge. I'm glad I included practice mode for single level training, otherwise it would be a little on the unforgiving side. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing though :D

Getting started prototyping trailers and game endings currently. Written up a draft of a marketing plan I'm hoping to see through later this year. It's all coming together piece by piece and I'm still enjoying playing through it and practicing the boss encounters!

Made a nice retro style graphic of the 4 player ships , might have to go through adding products onto zazzle again later on :P

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