Getting closer to completion. Why does this part take the longest?

Getting Closer To Completion. Why Does This Part Take The Longest?

Posted on 6th Oct 2014 by Ryan

4 of the endings are now drawn up and running nicely in the game, It was surprsingly easy to eat up just over a minutes worth of time with the ending sequence. Any longer would be a little too long, considering that They Are Everywhere is taking inspiration from early 80's arcade games, a long, drawn out ending just wouldn't fit with the theme.

Perhaps even a minute is overkill. I'm not sure but it does feel right to me personally, which has got to stand for something right?

Looks like the release date is going to go back a little further, depending on the next few weeks. I possibly have an actual arcade cabinet to build at some point to place they are everywhere (and some others most likely) in. Should be fun that!

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