The Game is Beatable, that's good, but how good really?

The Game Is Beatable, That's Good, But How Good Really?

Posted on 4th Jul 2015 by Ryan

So, tonight I finally beat my own game, woo, yay hoopla, it is actually beatable! Problem is, a full game, start to completion is between 20 to 25 minutes depending on item drops, skill and luck.

Which is fine for PC, etc but I dunno if that's okay for mobile, what do you think?

Frustratingly, yet also, welcomingly I noticed some code in the menus for 2 minute and 5 minute "CARAVAN" modes (do a quick look-up for Soldier Blade to get an idea)

Essentially quick 2 minute and 5 minute modes, with set patterns, culminating in a race against time to beat one or two bosses.

(1 in 2 minute mode, 2 in 5 minute mode)

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